4 Ultimate Blocks of Sales Pyramid

The Unbelievable gap between successful brands and unsuccessful ones

From here, we will be talking about the picture below, starting from the top of the block.

Sales pyramid

In any given market at any given time, 3% of people are in “buying mode.”

If you pick up the newspaper, watch TV, or do a Google search, you will see ads shouting, ‘We have the biggest Range and the best price!’

These ads are directed at the 3%, and the conversation goes something like this:

{ “I am feeling so hot”}.

{ “Should I turn on the fan?}.

{ “Oh yes, please!}.

That’s not hard. A high percentage of the 3% will buy. You might get a few objections, like:

‘I want the fan to spin fast. Can you turn it off when I start feeling cold?’

It’s not hard to do because you helped him or her turn it on, so just turn it off when he or she is okay.

BUT WE HAVE A PROBLEM. The problem is that your competitors are going hard after that top 3%. If you split up that 3% of easy customers between you and your competitors, you are never going to make much money.

The REAL MONEY is in the 37% of people who are saying:

‘I am feeling hot, where can I relax?’

They are either browsing information {17%} or they are aware {20%}.

Or how about those who don’t even know their room temperature is a bit high and they need to relax? because this market is a whopping 60% of all people! Once you understand the Ultimate Blocks Of Sales Pyramid, you can use it to swoop up the majority of the market that is being ignored and transform them into loyal customers who continually drive sales into your business.

Before we end this let me hint to you on some of the key ways to get this done.

There are currently four ways to make this easy for your business:

  1. What part of your business attracts them? {Free reports or videos}

  2. What part of your business educates them? {blog post or social media}

  3. What part of your business nurtures them? {Your DM’s or newsletter }

  4. What part of your business gets them to act? {Your irresistible offer and Advertisement }

This is vital and important for any business looking to grow rapidly and consistently because when you have a system that takes hold of traffic from Google, Facebook, or any other channel, once it is up, you are only talking to interested prospects, not time-wasters.

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